Aqualane Shores Naples Florida

Aqualane Shores Naples, Florida offers a wonderful choice of condominiums and homes to those wanting to live in a waterfront area. The streets are lined with gorgeous palm trees billowing in the balmy breezes of Naples. Well known to those who have the larger boats and who want to take advantage of living near the deep canals.

Aqualane Shores Naples – AQUALANE SHORES HOMES

Many of the Aqualane Shores Naples homes which were built during the 60’s and 70’s have been renovated and made larger, while some were totally torn down and then re-built from the ground up and are now just perfect to one who wants to live in a community near the Gulf. You will also have a great shopping experience and will be able to find anything you could need or want in the shops near by. Also, you will have many places for exquisite dining or possibly, just stopping in at a restaurant favored by others in the community, or many great night spots to enjoy on the weekends after a week of work.

The setting of Aqualane Shores Naples will be one to be proud of when you decide to take up residence there and make it a place to call home. You will enjoy the convenience of being able to walk or ride your bike down to the beach. You will also enjoy meeting others who have decided to stay once they walked through and saw all the community had to offer. Many individuals decided to purchase a condominium or one of the beautiful homes there because of its quaintness, beauty and grace.

Aqualane Shores Naples – AQUALANE SHORES CONDOS

Even though Aqualane Shores in situated in Naples, you will have the privacy of a community that sits on at least 300 acres of ground. You will find many different styles of homes in Aqualane Shores Naples, including gated and non gated homes and homes that are accessible to the many gulf courses there. The prices for homes there are between $500,000 to $700,000. Prices for the condominiums range from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 and properties can reach a high of $8,000,000.

There are few places that offer a grand tropical setting, the ability to own an extra large boat that can go through the deep canals, a beach within walking distance, fine dining and shopping, schools that teach children to be upright citizens, all within a community of people who have also chosen to call it home.

Also, for the children, there are many schools servicing the families of various areas near Naples. You will be able to look into which school you personally want your children to go to based on the recordings of the most recent grades of area children.

The community also has its own Website for those who want to be a part of it. You can register, create your own password and be able to read what others are doing to make the community one with a fellowship to others, where members work toward the betterment of the community.

If you have waited all your life to enjoy a grand home situated in elegance and style within the limits of a beautiful and quaint city, then, Aqualane Shores Naples is the place for you to choose to live. Enjoy life having the peace of mind that you are in a safe haven in a new home in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.