Barefoot Beach Bonita Springs Florida

Barefoot Beach Preserve is a County Park that sits on 342 acres of natural land. This island is one of the last remaining examples of the beauty of nature left to it’s own devices. Barefoot Beach Bonita Springs FL is one of the last areas of undeveloped land on Florida’s southwest coast.

The lush landscape is a mixture of five distinct habitats, which is home to many of Florida’s wildlife, all thriving and living together on this small strip of land. All of the vegetation and ecosystems of the area are native to the surroundings and natural growing. Rising up from the 8,200 feet of gorgeous sparkling beach line that is home to the leather head tortoise, are the ever shifting sand dunes. On these dunes you will find a vast array of shore birds making their homes. Just past the dunes is the coastal strand which includes shrubs such as Sea Grapes. Amongst this thick greenery and sandy soil the gopher tortoise finds it niche. As you venture further inland comes the maritime hammock which is a jungle of cabbage palm and other dense plant life.

Barefoot Beach – top 10 beach in florida

Separating all of this beautiful foliage from the main land is the estuarine mangrove forests. Here fresh water and salt water mix to make some of the most fertile diverse plant area on the island. Sport fisherman come here to catch many species of fish. The water in the area is perfect for fish nurseries and breeding areas.

Barefoot Beach – beautiful preserve

Barefoot Beach Preserve is a natural park just north of Naples where visitors can enjoy the ambiance as they appreciate the natural wonders around them. As an undeveloped section of the beachfront many of the areas native species can be see in there natural habitat. With many of these species being endangered there are not many places left where you can intermingle with these species like you can at Barefoot Beach FL. This is one of the few beautiful unspoiled area that is still untouched by development in the area. Come to Barefoot Beach and enjoy the scenery.


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