Here in SW Florida, the buyer does not need to pay a commission to the agent, it is always paid by the seller at closing. We also don’t have hidden fees for you to pay like other companies. So ZERO $$$. Because we don’t get paid until you get the keys we appreciate your loyalty.

If you think it is important for you to work with a real estate agent, who will represent only you in your real estate transaction, you need to read this.

Single Agent representation and Transaction Broker relationship – Key Differences

In the State of Florida buyers have a choice to either have a Single Agent Representation (representing only you) or a Transaction Broker relationship (works with both you and the seller). In Florida it is presumed, that a licensed real estate agent works in a limited role as a Transaction Broker. If a real estate agent works with you in a Single Agent Representation relationship, there is a special state mandated form which needs to be signed by you acknowledging the fact.

Single Agent – Advantages for you:

  • Loyalty to you and acting in your best interests.
  • Confidentiality of all matters related to your real estate transaction including what you are willing to pay for a property. Or, what a seller is willing to sell for that is less than the official listing price.
  • Advice on the price and what you should consider offering.
  • Full disclosure of all information available that may affect your actions, in addition to disclosure of any material facts about a property that is not readily observable by you, but which could have the potential for an undesirable effect on the value of the property.
  • Obedience to your wishes and demands, even if it is not desirable to the real estate agent’s interests.

Transaction Broker – Disadvantages for you:

  • No obligation to be loyal or act in your best interests.
  • Limited confidentiality, may not disclose that the seller is willing to accept a price less than the official listing price.
  • No advice on the price or what you should consider offering. Can only state the official listing price.
  • Only discloses those items that may have the potential to materially affect the value of the property.
  • Works only to assist you in the transaction. Does not advocate or promote your interests.Works only to get the deal closed.
  • If you believe it is important to work with a real estate agent who will work with you as a Single Agent representing only you, be loyal, handle your information confidentially, disclose information, and promote and advocate your interests, it would be to your advantage that you decide to work with an A Delta Realty team member as a Single Agent.

If you have specific questions about this topic or any other real estate questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me, your A Delta Realty REALTOR.