Paseo Fort Myers Florida

Dreaming of living in heaven doesn’t always come true but now it can. Paseo Fort Myers is a 440 acre- wide community, with all it’s beauty and mind refreshing style, waiting just for you. Paseo is only a few minutes drive from the Bell Tower Shops and the Fort Myers International Airport which allows quick access to all over the world.


The Paseo Fort Myers community is made for people who love to be up close with nature. It is a community that has all those features that we want to have and ask for. Paseo as by its name, “a beautiful street”, where you would love to watch your child playing around as you have a romantic walk with your life partner or just walking your dog.

This place is close to all human requisite areas like beaches, shopping and other enlightening places. It is a community located in southern Fort Myers, north of Naples. Paseo Fort Myers offers different styles of residences that total 1200. These residences are of different types, like Flats, Two-story Town Homes, Split-Level Town Homes, Casitas and The Paseo Signature Collection and Master Collection of Single Family Homes which are located sector wise. The best thing about these residences is that they are designed very delicately so that every person who lives here feels a part of it. What else does a house need when it has life in it?


To bring some change and variation from other housing societies, Paseo Fort Myers has constructed a comfy and lavish Paseo Village Centre that approximately covers a 26000 Square foot area and is located right in the center of the Paseo community. This Village center fulfills the entire requirements for which people would have to go out for doing their social tasks. It is a place where all social activities takes place under one shelter. The Village center is special with it’s movie theater, internet café, Paseo pub, pools of different kinds, and specific area for kids to play, shopping area, gym etc.
It is a place where they have everything for people of different ages and lifestyles, a proper secure place to live in Fort Myers. This community has been “community of the year” for six years straight and is a great start to your future life.  It’s a wonderful place with a beautiful environment and preserve.  All of  this comes with an affordable cost.

The models are open 7 days a week, please give me a call @ 239.992.9119 or text me for a viewing.


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